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About Us

A passion for performing arts binds us all together. As we go about our normal lives and day jobs, what burns within is a need for expression. Through drama, dance, stagecraft, music and performance we want to bring our experiences to you our beloved audience. Our backgrounds are tied to Indian culture and aesthetics, from Bengal in the eastern part of India, but our experiences are also very much American. It is that nostalgia of our past, the sensibility of our present, and the enigma of the future that we bring to our new home. We create, we engage, we entertain, and we inspire. And, most importantly, we put theatre at the center of it all.

Activities & Fun

DFW Play goes beyond the world of theater. We are a family of friends. We work hard and play harder. The stage is not just a meeting place for our art, but also a return of art to life.

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