Perpendiculars is a collection of short plays and theater experiments. That includes 10 minute plays, comedy and monologues to ensemble driven and devised style new works. Expect unusual, immersive and off the charts presentations from aspiring actors. The show was a runaway hit last year and we expect this one to be sold out as well.

Language: English, Bengali & Hindi

This year’s lineup includes:

Angel – a youth devised play
Ghatiya Dost – short Hindi play
Gentleman – physical theater
The Dilemma – audience directed multilingual play
The Meetup – short multilingual social drama
To my Younger Self – Hindi poetry based sketch
Ulta Pajama – bold social ultra short

Finally, a broad group of actors and directors will be given out assignments 24 hours prior to the event and they will stage plays as part of “PAGE2STAGE in 24 Hours”…

Limited Seating

Black box format seating is limited – reserve your seat quickly.

The Dilemma

Have you ever wished while watching a play that you had the ability to alter the choices being made by the characters thereby resulting in a potentially different outcome than what is being presented on stage? Well, here’s your chance to do exactly that – break the fourth wall! You have the power to help the protagonist navigate through the multiple crossroads of life by the choices you make as an audience. The end result will be a function of the decisions you make during the journey – be prepared to accept what you’ve asked for!

Ghatiya Dost

Do you have rare moments when you feel weighed down by the stress of leading a normal family life? Do you ever yearn to relive your uncomplicated, carefree college days spent in the company of your closest buddies (with embarrassing nicknames) and a very reliable old but spirited saint? Then come and join us at Perpendiculars 2019 and watch “Ghatiya Dost” as three friends meet after ages, reminisce about their best days and address unresolved conflicts.


Changing people’s conscious and unconscious beliefs about gender is hard. The first step in changing these beliefs is to acknowledge that they exist. This presentation is a form of physical theater where we acknowledge the existence of gender bias and try to influence a change of the stereotypes.

The Meetup

Four childhood friends reunite after decades in Dallas and plan a weekend getaway. They end up sharing seemingly small events from their old days when they were still connected and knew each other... But life delivers its own Butterfly Effect in this complex, causal and connected world. Even small events have the possibility of triggering significant aftermath with disproportionate magnitude, within the matrix of our physical and psychological existences.

To My Younger Self

Ever remember the perfect life we had when we were teenagers? We’re looking back to that golden time, where life was innocent, the world was a fairy tale, and exams were our biggest enemies. We never knew how much stressful life could be. Life looked so attractive, but the taste was bitter like espresso. The experiences we face today were unimaginable back then. So come and see just how sour yet strong the lemon of life is....

Ulta Pajama

This play is a reflection of things you do to others may return back to you in more hurtful ways


The teeming talents of DFW Play Youth Theater present an original story and screenplay - Angel. A young girl goes through dark times and deals with the despair in her life, but things take a sudden turn for the better. The storyline, inspired by the Broadway show ‘Annie’ and the classic movie ‘It’s a wonderful life’, will take you through a roller coaster of emotions as the infallible Holiday spirit unfolds at the very end. Sit back, enjoy and cheer for these amazing kids.