One of the most amazing aspects of being involved in a theatre production is the notion of ensemble that comes with being part of the theatre where you are working and focusing on the caliber of the entire team. It is not about one actor or a dancer, it’s about all of us; we belong to a community who work together for a unified performance of an entire group. DFW Play periodically organizes workshops that bring us all together, fire the imagination and creativity of our members of our entire crew, drama enthusiasts, and aspiring cast members. The different techniques and activities during the workshop ranging from characterization, improvisation, trust building to dance and rhythmic movements provide the participants an access to the vision and ingenuity of our director, Rajarshi Bhattacharyya. Through these exercises, participants have the opportunity to form their own ensembles and develop their own performance concepts under the director’s expert guidance. Members are encouraged to make use of their own experiences, observations or conversations to unleash their creativity.

There is usually no formal written script, and participants are encouraged to leave their normal behavior outside the door, shed their inhibitions, stretch beyond boundaries, and engross themselves completely in an assigned character. The workshops allow the entire team to immerse them-
selves in a community of dynamic theatre project where the developmental process, the final production and the surrounding exchange of ideas have a profound impact on everyone involved from actors to ‘behind the scenes’ production and staff members.

While there are many reasons why our crew and well-wishers attend our workshops, one of the most compelling reasons is the chance to discover and re-discover our potential.