3rd Annual Bengali Drama Festival in North Texas

Experience original plays from Seattle, Houston and Dallas

April 20th, 2019 | 2:15 PM

DFWPlay is proud to bring our theatre-loving audience the 3rd annual Bengali theatre festival in the DFW Metroplex – Fest O’ Theatre 2019.  We are happy to bring an exciting lineup of plays from several US cities to join our own team of thespians. Enjoy a day of theatrics with a romantic comedy, a gritty thriller, a heart-pounding lyrical tale based on ancient folk ballads and a no-nonsense youth theater, addressing teen issues.

লাগলে বলবেন (Cupid’s Capers)

Lonely heart businessman Robin is looking for a suitable girl for his nephew Bipul. Unbeknownst to him, the young lad is already madly in love with someone. When Robin meets Rubi Roy, the mother of a prospective bride, sparks fly unexpectedly between them. But Rubi won’t entertain Robin unless Bipul agrees to marry her daughter Malaya. Their lives tangle into a complicated knot. When turmoil ensue, jack of all trades Nagen comes to the rescue. Can he navigate this mess and unite the young lovers? But won’t that break Robin and Rubi apart? Can he sort out this impossible situation? To find out, come watch the hilarious Bengali drama “Laagley Bolben“.
Seattle Theaterwala (ST), a 501(c)(3) non-profit theater company, aims to support and promote a strong community of theater lovers. Bringing in new ideas, challenging the norms, creating and innovating constantly within the boundaries of theater is what makes Seattle Theaterwala, where a bunch of theater-loving enthusiasts will keep pushing the limits of histrionics. ST also provides a free platform for the teen talents as playwrights, actors, music composers, sound and light designers to bring forth fresh ideas and facilitate a healthy exchange of talents between youth and adults. For ST’s continued effort, the company was awarded the Open 4Culture grant by King County, Washington.

টিকটিকি  (Sleuth)

Tiktiki, a thriller, is the Bengali adaptation of the original play, Sleuth, written by Anthony Shaffer. Masterfully adapted by Soumitra Chattopadhyay, Tikitiki, is regarded as the ultimate game of cat-and-mouse. The audience is bound to be on their toes to decipher when the mystery writer plays his game, yet the high stake game-playing takes the unexpected turns and the audience is left to figure where imagination ends and the reality begins. Watch this masterpiece from Houston Natua, as the actors get entangled in the dangerous game of gamesmanship, manipulation, deception and death.

মহুয়া (Mohua)

DFW Play presents Mohua, a lyrical tale of the timeless classic from the folklore of Bangladesh, specifically Mymensingh Geetika. It is an attempt to revive the ancient folk ballads through a modern presentation of live songs, music, narration and stylized movements. Originally written by Dwijo Kanai and later collected by Dr. Dinesh Chandra Sen, Mohua Sundari Pala remains the romantic tragedy that still so touching, simple and fascinating.

Expect this hour and a quarter of play with high energy drama, heart-wrenching ballads, visual imageries, rural dialects and a mystic journey. While a few have witnessed a partial version of the play in a much smaller black box stage at Perpendiculars 2018, this will be the full-length version on the proscenium stage. We hope to preserve a bit of our ancient, rich and artistic Bengali heritage through this exercise while being geographically, economically or culturally distant from the context.

Dear Journal

‘Dear Journal’, original work from DFW Play Youth Theater, deals with mental health, social anxiety, substance abuse, suicidal thoughts directly. While we often like to push these issues under the rug swiftly, Youth Theater is not ashamed to talk about these in public. As a matter of fact, it might shed some light on how today’s youth are coping (or perhaps failing to cope).

The subject is dark and bold, and we hope to make it compelling. Expect gut-wrenching stories, soulful singing and high octane numbers throughout the drama.

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