MOHUA (মহুয়া) 

Mohua is an ancient folk ballad from the Mymensingh region of Bangladesh. The play is an epic romantic tale of Mohua Sundari, a beautiful gypsy girl, and the charming, handsome Noder Chand – Thakur of Nodia village.

Mohua’s father, Humra Baidda, is the ferocious leader of the gypsy tribe of street performers and entertainers. Mohua is the star performer. Noder Chand is mesmerized by Mohua’s talent and beauty. Mohua is initially unaffected by his attention but slowly starts falling in love with him. Humra Baidda has trained Mohua to be his heir and sees the blossoming romance as a threat that must be eliminated to preserve the future of the clan. To add to the drama a conniving and lecherous merchant –Sadhu also eyes Mohua and wants Noder Chand dead.

How far will Mohua go to save Noder Chand? Will she obey her father’s command to kill? Will Sadhu succeed in his deceit? Let’s find out by watching this epic saga of love, loyalty, honor, and betrayal!

This rural folk tale and the ballads had been originally told orally by Dwija Kanai some three hundred years back and later compiled by Dr. Dinsh Chandra Sen in his famous Mymensingh Geetika. The play is directed by Rajarshi Bhattacharyya.

Performance Pictures