An attractive, affluent woman, Mitali Ghosh, is stabbed to death in her bedroom on the night she hosted a party at her place. Detective Shabor Dasgupta from Kolkata Police is brought in to solve the case. Through his interrogations, we meet several characters who all could have a motive to commit this heinous crime. As the sleuth interrogates the suspects and reads pages from Mitali’s diary, he discovers several layers of relationship and emotions at play. A hidden love affair, jealousy, anger, temptation, and remorse provide him with key clues that lead him closer to the murderer. Could it beher short tempered ex-husband Mithu Mitra, dejected ex- boyfriend Pantu, not-so-silent admirer Samiran, the jealous Khanika, the opportunist Julekha, or the demure cousin Jayita? The plot is thickening and The Hunt is on!

The Hunt's Cast & Crew