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Date:     April 15th, 2017


01:00 PM:            Box-Office Open
02:00 PM:            Auditorium Open
02:15 PM:            Inauguration Ceremony
02:30 PM:            Play – Rascals (DFW Play, DFW)
03:30 PM:            Play – Boro Holo Jo (Off Kendrik, Boston)
04:30 PM:            Break
05:00 PM:            Play – Hoimonti (MIST, Houston)
05:45 PM:            Play – Black Dots (DFW Play, DFW)
06:45 PM:            Closing

Box Office

  • On arrival at the venue, please proceed directly to the Box Office
  • Please identify yourself and acquire your ticket(s) at the Box Office in exchange for your online receipt, or some form of ID
  • Box Office personnel will verify or record your email address
  • You will receive the Fest O’ Theater brochure, one copy per family


  • Snacks and tea will be available for purchase during breaks
  • Outside food and drinks are prohibited at the venue
  • Food and drinks are not permitted inside the auditorium


  • We have arranged for on-premises child care, but all available slots are full currently.
  • We request patrons to arrange for external childcare for young children, so the children can enjoy their afternoon as much as the parents and the audience.
  • The show is SOLD OUT, the auditorium will be full; hence it will be difficult to accommodate children needing their own seats   


  • The first two rows are reserved for sponsors and partners
  • The seats against the left wall are reserved for performers
  • The remainder of the auditorium is for use by our patrons
  • There are no numbered seats – all seats will be filled on a first-come-first-served basis. This show is SOLD OUT, hence it will be to your advantage to arrive early


  • Please park in any of the areas marked in Red in map below
  • Please note that the spaces adjacent to the hall, marked “(BACK-IN)”, require you to back your vehicle into the parking spot, otherwise you will receive a traffic citation.

Date & Venue   –   Schedule   –   Box Office   –   Concessions   –   Childcare   –   Seating    –   Parking