Poetry Meets Jazz

Born from the idea of fostering a diverse and multilingual space for writers, musicians, storytellers and creatives from multiple paths and backgrounds to share their creativity and collaborate with each other. 

Our first attempt is to create an enchanting and intimate event with an audience that loves the spoken word & music experience. We hope it grows further over time and expands into immersive experiences beyond a stage event.

Featured Artists

Story Lady Jane | Storyteller

David T. Douglas | Playwright

Rev. Dr. Eldon Irving | Minister, Author & Speaker

Michael Leath | Vietnam Veteran & Author

Melyssah Colerangle | Playwright, Screenwriter & Theater Director

Dr. Tak Yan Yeung | Pianist

Dr. Christopher A. Heldt | Trumpeter

Guest Emcee: Tamara Warner | President, Dallas Area Writers Group

DFW Play Artists

Vocals: Shibanwita Roy

Vocals & Emcee: Debroop Dasgupta

Recitation: Rhea

Violin & Music Arrangement: Sudarshan Banerjee

Keyboard: Paramita Dasgupta

Guitar: Saikat Sen

Trumpet: Vedant Bhattacharyya

Percussion: Shubhendu Lahiri